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Follow steps 1-7 on a smartphone / Garmin etc

(1)  Tap on the supplied .gpx file to open it.  [note 1]  

(2)  If a list of apps appears tap the Connect icon to open with the Garmin
Connect app.   [note 2]

(3)  Select 'Road Cycling' as the course type and the course will load
showing it on the map. 

(4)  By default the new course will be called 'Cycling mmm dd' (mmm dd is
today's date).  This can be changed by dragging up the tab at the bottom of
the screen revealing the course information, then tapping on 'Couse Name'
and overtyping it.

(5)  Click 'Done' in the top right of the screen to save the course

(6)  Tap the 3 dots in the top right and then tap Send to Device'.

(7)  A list of your devices will appear.  Tap the one you want to send to.
If the device is currently connected it will be sent immediately.  If not it
will be sent next time the device connects and synchs.   A 'Download
complete' message will appear briefly on the device to confirm when it has
got the new course.

The new course will now be available in Garmin Connect (Courses appear under
the 'Training' menu)  and on your device (selected via 'Menu - Navigation -
Courses' on my 520+ but may be different on other devices).  Select the new
course on the device to load it and then select 'Ride' to start using it. 


(1)  If the file is in a Whatsapp chat it should open directly from the chat
message.  In other cases it might be necessary to save the file to your
phone storage and open it through a file manager.

(2) This assumes you have not set a default app to open .gpx files.  If you
have Garmin Connect as the default app then this step will happen
automatically.  If you have a different app as default than this is a
problem.  You will need to go into settings, select apps and then select the
current app you have set.  From there you should be able to clear the
defaults already set.


  • Its always useful to have the day's GPX track available.

  • Routes are shared in advance through the club WhatsApp groups.

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