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A Personal Testimonial 

I found the prospect of joining a Cycling Club quite daunting thinking there maybe an expectation to Race or to be able to cycle at a break neck speed for hours. This is not the case. I have been with the club for awhile now and absolutely love it. I feel safer riding in a group, its very social and I never have to worry about getting lost. Never once have I been left behind, 'No Drop' rides mean the group will always wait for anyone that falls behind. Our 40 group is perfect for those with a good base level of cycling fitness with faster groups for the more experienced. there is always a coffee stop to refuel. 


If you have an interest in riding with a club please get in touch. I would be happy to talk through Club Cycling or meet for a ride. 


The club would love to increase the number of female members and is actively supportive of women in cycling. 

Kaye Deal

Get in touch with Kaye.

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